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Membership management | Concept partner with All Right Now

Membership management | Concept partner with All Right Now

Membership management

All Right Now have developed a partnership with Concept Software Systems to be able to offer the ability to install a bespoke access control solution to improve membership management.
By combining the security and reassurance of an All Right Now system with the invaluable data and management tools of a Concept module, it provides a seamless customer experience and improves your membership management.

Membership Management

This system can be set up so that members are required to swipe a key card to open the door to your gym or fitness centre meaning that only members with a membership profile are able to enter. This is reassuring to the management, who will know that the changing rooms and lockers are secure and that only paying members are enjoying the facilities as well as improving your membership management.

In addition to this, each swipe of the card will be tracked and recorded which will give you a real insight and understanding of how often each member visits your business and how to target them with marketing and promotional news.

membership management

We can also supply you with your ID needs so you can manage and print you ID cards on site. is the E-commerce website for All Right Now where you can order ID card printers, PVC cards, printer ribbons and other consumables quickly and easily online with next day delivery available on most products.

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