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With access to the best turnstiles manufacturers, including IDL Fastlane, Itab and Automatic Systems, we can provide the best turnstile solution for you. We offer an end to end turnstile solution – from product specification, site drawings and installation to maintenance contracts and repair.

We work in all areas of access control which allows us to consider the best possible access control solution for you. We can work with your existing software provider or we can recommend the best software solution that will really meet your needs.

We have completed access control solutions in a variety of industries including health clubs, gyms and spas, office reception areas,trampoline parks, theme parks, schools, colleges and universities.

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Our products

We have an extensive range of access control solutions and have worked with most software providers including Legend management software, Gladstone, Vennersys, Ashbourne, Paxton, Hid, Axxess ID and Salto which means we can work with your existing software provider or recommend the best software solution that would meet your needs. We have a team of field based service engineers based around the country, providing service and maintenance contracts, repairs, installation, support and onsite training. For further information please contact us on 01295 660 566.

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Turnstiles Access Control solutions

ITAB Access control products

ITAB AB is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of entrance systems, gates, customer/visitor guidance systems, payment and service counters, lighting, internal and external damage protection, and security equipment and fittings.

DDA gates / glass barrier rails

The Disability Discrimination Act requires, amongst other things, facilities to offer entrances to less able-bodied people that are equally usable. By law they must be at least 900mm wide.

Half height turnstiles

Half height turnstiles are designed for low cost, low security environments where customers are looking for value for money and visible deterrents.

Full height turnstiles

These full height turnstile gates are all highly secure and electrically operated however they will all need a separate DDA entrance

Speed lanes

These ITAB turnstiles are appropriate for those users who are looking for something more elegant than a standard tripod but still have a budget to work to.


Access Control solutions

Fastlane Access control products

The Fastlane range has been developed to meet the changing requirements of the modern building environment. The wide variety of solutions are designed to meet the different balance of security, convenience and aesthetics you require.


IDL Provide a wide range of high quality speedgate style turnstiles. From their flagship product the Glassgate 150 through to the full height Glassgate 400 they can cover most scenarios.

Tailgate detection

The IDL Door Detective is a unique product which provides turnstile-level access control to normal doors. Once a door with standard access control is opened any number of people can tailgate (follow through without a credential).

Turnstiles Access Control solutions

Automatic Systems Access control products

Automatic Systems provide a range of solutions from basic tripod turnstiles through speedlanes to highly secure pods. All their products come highly specified, feature-rich and competitively priced.


Automatic Systems provide a wide range of high quality speedgate style turnstiles. From their entry level Firstlane product to their full height highly secure DDA SlimLane they can cover most scenarios.

Turnstile plinth

All SlimLane products can be installed on a turnstile plinth system (floor protector) for locations such as listed buildings where drilling into the floor is not an option

Security pods

Automatic Systems provide a wide range of different pods (otherwise called security doors). Security doors offer the most powerful solution for physical and electronic security of automated entrance control.

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