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Case studies

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Access Control Solution

Getting the Access Control Solution Right

There are many options when it comes to access control for a leisure facility and particularly if you are starting off it can be difficult to know what to choose. Each solution has its pluses and minuses but it is worth the time spent getting the solution that is right for your business. Getting it wrong could be costly as a few real-life examples shown in the following article.

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod Turnstiles vs Speedgates

In this article we are going to look at each of the fighter’s pros and cons to help you understand which form of entry system would fit your facility.


Credentials for your leisure facility – important?

A credential is the generic term for the thing that allows your customers in through the access control i.e. an RFID card or bar coded card. In this article we are going to explore the benefits and drawbacks of different types of credentials that are used in our target sector, the leisure industry.

Access control n

Increase Revenue and Streamline Costs in a Leisure Facility

There are very well-known ways to increase profits: Reduce costs, do more with the same or less, Increase revenue. But how? I shall focus in this article on the areas of our expertise which is access control and touchscreen kiosks. This article is designed as a ‘taster’ to hopefully generate ideas

Bristol Museum

Bristol Museum M Shed Case Study

Bristol museum wanted to reduce the overall cost of an exhibition via the web on smartphones. In addition, staff needed to continue to have controlled access to the space based on their credentials.

The solution comprised of a fastlane turnstile from the UK manufacturer IDL and an online ticketing solution for e-tickets and onsite EPOS from Vennersys.


Bingo Case Study

Here at all Right Now Ltd we were approached by a major bingo chain who were unhappy with the way that their membership card requirements were being fulfilled.

The cards were ordered in relatively small quantities, pre printed, pre encoded by a magnetic stripe and personalised with the individual club’s address. The customer details were then hand written at the club. This caused problems with overall stock rotation and with over-ordering by some clubs.


Air Hop Case Study

Here at All Right Now Ltd we were approached by Air Hop who wanted a cost effective way to control the flow of customers in their trampoline park. They were having problems with customers entering the park through the exit stairs, and hence avoiding watching the necessary safety brief.


Wristband Kiosk Case Study

A large UK based Leisure Centre Management company had a problem issuing their leisure centre customers with a wrist-band that clearly identified them as “paying customers”.

They had, over a number of years, used a few large kiosk manufacturers to provide a kiosk that dispensed a wristband that had the customer’s name and membership number printed on it.