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Social Distancing Technology

Social Distancing Technology – Protect Your Staff In The Workplace

We offer the Reactec bluetooth contact tracing device. A social distancing technology solution to help get your workplace back to normal. The wrist worn device is enhanced with sophisticated proximity detection, which is simple to set up and deploy.

Delivering intuitive real time social distance behaviour data and real time contact tracing, helping keep staff safe in the workplace and your business open. The reporting system enables you to supervise and manage your teams physical distance and movement in realtime.



Benefits of our solution

    • Trusted bluetooth technology
    • Sensors on the devices actively warn users of unsafe contact proximity with an alert
    • The devices are easy to set up and use
    • Easy to use contact tracing dashboards and reports
    • Fully GDPR compliant
    • Helps to support your business continuity plan with more secure social distancing procedures


The social distancing technology in the in the device is completely customisable for cohort working and barriered safe zones, perfect for keeping track of and helping maintain social distancing in the workplace. The device can be deployed across multiple sectors including construction, rail, local authorities, manufacturing, ground maintenance, utilities and facilities management.

Easy to deploy and use

Rechargeable devices are personalised to the wearer on demand meaning the device can be passed to another worker after the shift.

Emlpoyee data privacy

Personal information is only stored on a secure GDPR compliant system hosted by Reactec.

Active alerts

Personalised vibration or sound alerts when wearers are within an unsafe distance.

Proactive alert and alarm system

The device alerts the wearer when they are within an unsafe distance of other users. Managers are alerted on the next day with the simplest deployment or live with the addition of Rasor.

enterprise solution

A single system for onsite and remote management of social distancing with analytics requiring only a browser and company managed log in for access.

Multiple company support

Safe Distance will inform contact tracing across multiple organisations on busy sites following GDPR and data protection best practice.

How Safe Distance works

  1. All of the users have their own wristband and Reactec ID card to sign out a device.
  2. The device uses BLE signals to determin when another device is too near. When the device dtescts a signal it emits an alert which becomes longer over time until the wearer moves away from the other device.
  3. At the end of the shift, the device is returned to the docking station where the data is automatically downloaded. Automated email notifications of unsafe events will occure next day by 3am.


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