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Wireless Push Buttons

Wireless Push Buttons

It is becoming more common these days in Gym foyers to have a Meet & Greet type area rather than the traditional reception desk.  If you have turnstiles, it is behind the reception desk that things like the push buttons to manually open the turnstiles are located.  Also, leisure centres are expanding their offering and often have a softplay area with security gates.  These areas can be some distance away from the point of sale for tickets. So where do you locate the push buttons? The answer is very simple: wireless remote push buttons.  Take a look at our video below.


  • They are easy to fit
  • They do not require long cable runs back to a fixed point
  • They can be configured to work with up to 200 fobs per unit
  • They can be set to open the gate either once or to fix it open (for example for deliveries)
  • They are less easily accessed by members of the public trying to evade the access control
  • If you factor in the cost of running cables the costs compare favourably with manual buttons


  • The fobs can be mislaid
  • The fobs are relatively expensive to replace if lost although no more so than fixing a faulty push button

These buttons can usually be retrofitted to existing installations as well. Please contact us or call 01295 660 566 for further information.