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Stop tailgating – GymSecure

Stop tailgating – GymSecure

Stop Tailgating with GymSecure

STOP TAILGATING and give your Customers and Staff peace of mind with GYMSECURE!  In a recent survey of 100 gym members a massive 83% of gym members said that they found tailgating very frustrating.

GymSecure, All Right Now’s exciting solution to stop tailgating in it’s tracks.

Have you ever wondered how to stop tailgating without it costing the earth? Now you need look no further. All Right Now have designed a cost-effective, comprehensive solution to suit all budgets. With between 5% and 30% of revenue being lost to customers not paying for one reason or another, All Right Now’s GymSecure service provides an effective deterrent and means to identify those who are trying to abuse the system. Effectively the system counts the number of people who go through the door having scanned a valid ID. If any more go through than have scanned the system will alarm and set off the CCTV camera which will record the event ready for the Duty Manager to follow up on.

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