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Posiflex XT-3815 terminal | Star TSP100U receipt printer

Posiflex XT-3815 terminal | Star TSP100U receipt printer

Posiflex XT-3815 terminal and Star TSP100U receipt printer

All Right Now LTD are currently working with the Posiflex XT-3815 terminal and the Star TSP100U receipt printer. Both devices are available to be purchased and installed with All Right Now systems. Features are listed below.

The Posiflex XT-3815 is an Intel powered system which uses 8GB of DDR3L RAM. It uses 2 SATA storage devices and has an optional eMMC which requires Windows Embedded 8.1. The system uses a 21V/ 60W power (supplied). The device has multiple operating systems which the user can choose:

•                    Windows 7

•                    POSReady

•                    Windows embedded 8.1 industry

•                    DOS

•                    Linux

The Posiflex XT-3815 has a 15” LED touchscreen with resolution of 1024 X 768 which gives clear and easy to see picture. The system also has 7 USB ports – 1 of which is a USB 3.0. A LAN cable can be used to connect to any network set up and can also be made wireless with an optional mini-PCIe connector. Other extras include a Solid State Drive which start at 16 GB.

The physical computer device is 372 (W) X 320 (D) X 257.7 (H) and weighs 5.6KG.

Due to its flexibility the system can be placed anywhere in a store. The device can be laid flat as part of a work surface or stand vertically (like a computer monitor). The base allows you to use the system as you feel comfortable.

The Star TSP100U uses Direct Thermal Line Printing to print out receipts at a speed of 22 receipts per minute (125mm of paper per second). It is available in star white or charcoal grey. The resolution of the receipts after printing are 203 dpi and can be printed in the following colours:

•             Red/black

•             Blue/black

•             Green/black

Note that special types of printing paper may be needed to use this feature.

The device comes with a built-in guillotine which help remove the receipt after it is printed. The guillotine blade is very reliable and can make 1 million cuts before needing to be replaced. This means that if the printer is used to its full potential of 22 receipts a minute the blade will last two years before it needs to be replaced. The print head will need replacing after 100km of paper has been printed and the MCBF after 60 million lines have been written. This means that you will be able to print your receipts without worrying about printer replacement.

The dimensions of the system itself are 142mm (W) x 204mm (D) x 132mm (H) and it weighs only 1.56kg, making it light and portable.

The drivers needed to use this device are available to download for these operating systems: Windows, MAC OSX 10.2 or later builds, Linux CUPS Support, OPOS and JavaPOS – a wide range of supported operating systems.

Specifications of the paper the printer can print;

•                    Width:                                        80mm standard (58mm guided)

•                    Thickness:                                 0.065mm-0.085mm

•                    Weight:                                      65-85gsm

•                    Roll diameter:                          up to 83mm

•                    Easy load:                                 drop in and print

•                    Paper out sensor:                    Standard

•                    Maximum print width:          80mm paper


Both device are available at All Right Now for both purchase and installation.

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