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Bingo Case Study

Membership Card printer Solution

We sucessfully helped a major bingo chain solve their issues with their current membership cards by suggesting they print there cards using a membership card printer.
Previously the membership cards were ordered in relatively small quantities, pre printed, pre encoded by a magnetic stripe and personalised with the individual club’s address. The customer details were then hand written at the club. This caused problems with overall stock rotation and with over-ordering by some clubs. Another issue was that some members would retain the same membership card for many years (as they believed that the card number was lucky!) meaning that the printing on the card was faded and the magnetic stripe no longer functioning. Finally, it was felt that handwritten cards did not look professional.

Faced with these problems, we came up with the following proposals:

• Bulk purchase of non-personalised pre-printed cards.
• Each establishment to be provided with a Zebra ZXP3 double sided card printer with magnetic encoder.
• Installation, full training and maintenance contracts for the new printers and system.
The benefits to the bingo chain of taking the above proposals are:
• The bulk purchase of pre-printed, non personalised and non-encoded cards means that the cost per card is kept to a minimum. Cards can be stored centrally and are issued to the individual club as and when required.
• Using the on-site card printer the individual club can print and encode the cards on demand with all the members details. They can also re-issue old (lucky!) numbers to existing members. The clubs can also use the card printer to print visitor badges with photo ID.
• The installation and training enabled the new system to be introduced seamlessly. It has also ensured that the staff are able to handle any small problems easily, ensuring continuous productivity.
• Finally, the provision of a three year next day, engineer-to-site maintenance contract for each printer, gives the clubs peace of mind in the knowledge that should the printer have a problem it would be fixed next working day.

All Right Now Ltd have received the following feedback from one of the Bingo establishments’ Membership Managers about their new membership card printer :
All Right Now’s solution mean that our cards not only look more professional and of a higher quality, but will also save us money in the long run. All Right Now made everything as easy as possible and ensured that we didn’t need to use our own IT staff to implement the project
We have since undertaken a second project with another large chain. If you would like more information please contact or call 01295 660566
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